Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing


Nutritional Response Testing, or muscle testing, is a method of Applied Kinesiology used to discover where stress is coming from, and what is causing the stress to be present. NRT accurately identifies food allergies & sensitivities, and any organs which are needing support. Then, will determine exactly how to correct any imbalances found! Additionally, there are no requirements for any blood work to be taken. The entire process is done through modern muscle testing techniques. Any imbalances found will be corrected by utilizing specific, high-quality whole-food supplements. 

Examples of symptoms NRT can improve: Bloating/Acid Reflux, Hormone Imbalance, Lack of Energy, Stubborn Weight Gain, Irregular Bowel Movements, Poor Focus/Memory, Sleep Issues (Both falling and staying asleep), Chronic Pain, High Blood Pressure, Food Sensitivities, and more!


We will prescribe a CUSTOM, PERSONAL Whole-Food supplement program made for you, based on your results from the NRT exam. After your initial exam, you are provided with informative, step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize your new whole-food supplements. Then, monthly follow-ups can be utilized to adjust your supplement dosages, based on how quickly you are improving.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be confusing; we take all the guess work out of it for you.  Living a Whole-Food, Natural nutrition lifestyle has never been easier! Imbalances found can be corrected in 12 weeks or less.  We look forward to taking care of you! Schedule your appointment today!

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NRT Exam – $75 Re-Exam – $50 | Exam Duration: Approximately 20-25 minutes
Supplements – Price Varies

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Dr. Scott Ackerman

Ackerman Chiropractic Center


NRT Exam $75
Re-Exam – $50
Exam Length: 20-25 min
Supplements: Price Varies

– Sam Ackerman