Modern Acupuncture

Modern Acupuncture

What is Modern Acupuncture?

We have coined the term “Modern Acupuncture” as an understandable way to describe what Cold Laser Therapy is! It is essentially Acupuncture, without the painful needles.

Generally, Acupuncture is performed by damaging the skin in specific points of the body to treat many different conditions. However, most people are not a fan of the painful needles that are involved, and are, therefore, against trying acupuncture. We recognize the amazing benefits acupuncture can offer! Thus, we have decided to invest in an amazing, modern technology which will bring you those benefits, without the pain or discomfort!

Who can benefit from Modern Acupuncture?

Honestly, almost anyone! We all deal with stress in our life, in some shape or form. Usually, this stress presents itself in the form of digestion issues (bloating, acid reflux, food allergies), sleep issues, skin issues, focus and memory issues (ADHD/ADD), depression, anxiety, and more.

Our most popular treatments are Allergy Treatments (food, pets, pollen, mold, etc.), Smoking Cessation treatments, and chronic pain (arthritis, tendonitis, inflammation). The reason we are able to target so many different types of symptoms using this therapy system is that we target the root of the problem. The goal of what we do is not to chase your symptoms. Our goal is to understand why your symptoms are there in the first place, and seek to correct the issue for long-lasting results!

Through our Cold Laser Treatment, you can find long-lasting relief without the need for drugs or surgery. We like to take the WHOLE-listic approach to health!

What does a Modern Acupuncture session look like? What can I expect when I come in for treatment?

Our sessions last an average of 10-15 minutes.

Treatments are generally 12 sessions for our Allergy Treatments and 3 sessions for Smoking Cessation and Pain Treatment.

The Treatment process is very relaxing. You can close your eyes while we play calming music during the treatment.

The laser is not cold or painful, it is completely painless! The only thing you may feel is a slight tingle or warmth.

Most people feel very refreshed and calm after a session. Improvements in digestion, sleep, and focus are usually felt after the first visit.

Results from our treatment last for YEARS! There are usually no follow-up treatments unless requested. Once you complete our treatment, you are good to go enjoy those things you’ve been missing out on!

*Allergies which can cause anaphylaxis or any other serious reaction are never promised, and may not be the right fit for our program*

How can I schedule an appointment? Or can I schedule a free consultation to learn more?

Call our office today or register using our online portal! We are looking forward to taking care of you!

Dr. Scott Ackerman

Ackerman Chiropractic Center


I’ve had a dairy/milk allergy my whole life. Lactose has always hurt my stomach a lot. I heard about the allergy treatment from a friend, and decided to try it..
And WOW!! I was shocked! 2 weeks after trying the allergy treatment program, and I just finished drinking a MILKSHAKE! And it didn’t hurt my stomach at all! The laser treatment was painless and only took 15 minutes.
The staff was also really friendly. Sam was knowledgeable and explained everything really well about how it works. Highly recommend anyone with allergies to consider trying this treatment program!
It’s a better alternative to using allergy shots or taking drugs. 10/10!!! “

Hannah B.