Stop Smoking

One week to quit smoking!!

Our stop smoking program is finally here.

This program has been clinically tested for over 15 years. It is safe for all including those with heart conditions.

Totally simple and backed with a guarantee. The Stop Smoking program is now available through our office.

The program includes our laser therapy and a simple herbal supplement. The laser therapy will detoxify the body from nicotine and the 4000 chemicals associated with cigarettes. The supplement will remove all the withdrawals and cravings from cigarettes. We are able to make your cigarettes taste terrible, make your cravings go away, and make the quitting process EASY.

Three days of laser therapy with one week of supplements is all you will need to be free from cigarettes.

The cost is $500.00 for the laser therapy and the supplements. That is less than 2 months’ worth of cigarettes if you smoke a pack a day at current prices.

This Program is open to all, not just our current patients.

We currently are proud to have over a 90% success rate using this program, it really does work.

Are you ready to quit and take control of your health?

Call us now to Stop Smoking, or sign up on our website as a New Patient.


I smoked cigarettes for over 5 years and switched to vaping about 4 years ago. I had attempted to quit on my own numerous times (through patches, nicotine gum etc) and never succeeded. I was referred to Ackerman Chiropractic Center for their cold laser therapy. Initially I was skeptical about it and did not think it would work like everything else I had tried. Sam and Dr. Ackerman thoroughly explained the process, gave me much needed encouragement, and provided easy tips to help diminish the habitual cravings and urges. I had 3 cold laser sessions and have not vaped for 2 months. I feel great.”

Stephanie F.